AIDS and gay sex for 2006! (mondetriste) wrote in ed_art,
AIDS and gay sex for 2006!

Looking for a Photo Project on eating disorders...

Hey. I know this is a place to post artwork, but I'm hoping it can be a place to find some artwork as well, so...

This has been eating at my mind for the last two days, but I'm looking for a photo project (done by a professional artist with their own website) about eating disorders. I remember this particular photo project was set-up like a slideshow with images of people who had eating disorders with their stories next to it. Unfortunately the only stories I can remember was two girls hugging/sitting next to each other and one was talking about how the other girl had horrible nightmares and would scream in her sleep at night and another one with a guy on a couch lighting a cigarette and then talking about how he only consumed cigarretes and coffee and then goes to work. I think the project was done by a man who also had an eating disorder, as well.

Does anyone remember seeing anything like this who could maybe direct me on where to find that photo campaign? It's 4:15 and I've been combing google for the past hour and a half trying to find this art piece.
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Maybe this?

Otherwise, Lauren Greenfields 'Thin' photobook?
It's definately not Lauren Greenfield's... but the link above! That's it! God, thank you. Fritz Liedtke, I would have never remembered that name; it would have taken me another three weeks of late night google searching to find this. Thanks.